Welcome the official webpage for the internet of Lizardland!

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Thank You for come to visit the true and honest official internet for the Cooperative Unanimous Allied Coalition of People's Civil Liberty-loving Peaceful Democracytastic But Also Maybe Soviet But Definitely Free Non-Autonomous Completely Equal Fully Delitized With Permanent Freedom Provinces and Permanent Freedom Parliament Governed By Glorious Sovereign Quasi-Godlike and Fabulous Almighty Sciencest May He Live Forever Nation of Lizardland.

Here is contain everyone the information to learn about this great nation, how founded and maybe what lies ahead with future.

(but some of this is secret, yes?)

If you are try to hack to this page, be very wareful, for maybe you will viruses! Government security is an very important issue we take much seriously!



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Desafortunadamente, esa página solo existe en dos idiomas ahora, pero estamos haciendo una versión en enano que se puede ver en el futuro. Gracias a usted por su comprensión.

Technology in Lizardland sufficiently has advanced that now you can select color inside of box. Behold!

See how doing many lizard!